Instant account opening

No proof of address, no minimum amount needed to open

Open your digital money account instantly

Our quick mobile money account opening and easy online sign-up process will have you up and running in minutes. You’ll have full access to your instant account and the money you add to it in no time.

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Spend, send and save like a local

Open your currency account for a better and more localised experience. Instantly transfer money between Monese accounts for free.

EN Instant accounts > Spend, send and save like a local EUR

Order your contactless card

You’ll get your very own, beautifully designed contactless Mastercard debit card to use worldwide — online, in-store or at ATMs — with no hidden fees.

UNI Instant accounts Image > Order your contactless card

No address? No problem

All you need is a photo ID and selfie to join. You can open an account with us if you live in any of the 30 countries in the European Economic Area or the UK.

UNI Instant accounts > No address No problem

Make fast local payments

Make SEPA payments across Europe for a more localised experience.

EN Instant accounts > Make fast local paytments EUR

Send money home

Move money internationally at great rates in 19 currencies. Get your money there faster, often with better exchange rates than when sending with traditional banks, and always at the real exchange rate!

EN Instant accounts > Send money home EUR

Travel with us

Take your account and card on holiday! Use Monese anywhere in the world when travelling, with generous allowances for spending or withdrawing abroad.

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Manage your money better

With advanced features like spending overviews, budgeting tools, transaction details, instant notifications and downloadable statements, it’s easy to stay on top of your spending.

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Stay safe and secure

Rest easy knowing that your instant account is fully protected. It’s secured by biometric login and authentication protocols like 3D Secure, protecting you both online and in-store.

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