Basic account holders

Better than basic banking in the UK

Basic account holders

The process of opening a basic bank account with a highstreet bank can require long documentation and involve face to face appointments. The Monese app will enable you to open a fully-featured UK account instantly on your mobile, without credit checks and without waiting.

You deserve better than basic

If you are already a basic account holder with a traditional bank you’ll only be getting a basic level of service and banks may restrict the features you have access to. You probably won’t be provided with a handy contactless debit card, get real time mobile notifications or be able to travel globally without roaming fees whilst getting the best exchange rate on foreign currency. At Monese all of these features, plus many more come as standard.

We do not conduct credit checks - so it does not matter whether you have good credit history, bad credit history or no credit history at all, you can still open our award winning account instantly. Many people choose Monese instead of an account with a credit union or a basic bank account with a regular bank because Monese customers can manage every aspect of their account instantly via the Monese mobile app. Monese customers never need to visit a branch or wait for hours on a telephone line.

The contactless debit card that comes free with our accounts is an ideal way to access the cost saving deals and offers than can be found online. Many people don’t feel safe using regular bank cards to shop online however Monese’s enhanced security features make it perfect for shopping securely on websites, across social media, on gaming sites, in apps or anywhere else online.