Foreign nationals

Banking for foreign nationals

Foreign nationals

When you are planning on moving to a new country to work, to build a new life, to visit family or to study as an international student - you'll have plenty to think about. Before you arrive you'll need to arrange the correct Visa, organise your travel and find somewhere suitable to stay. Once you arrive you'll need to apply for your National Insurance Number, secure employment, learn the local laws and most importantly you will need to apply for a local bank account (also called a current account or checking account in the UK).

Personal account for Freelancers

In some months freelancers can deposit a lot of money and in other months they may deposit nothing. Banks archaic processes and minimum deposit thresholds don’t accommodate these flexible working and payment patterns so they often threaten to close accounts of freelancers that aren’t depositing enough or they freeze the inbound deposits of freelancers that haven’t deposited in some time and deposit a lot in one go.

At Monese we understand that more and more people are choosing a ‘digital nomad’ lifestyle, freelancing at different companies, traveling the world and working remotely and we’ve designed our accounts to be as flexible as those freelance working patterns.

Every aspect of your Monese account can be managed via our mobile app, wherever you are in the world. You can load money into your account in cash or via bank transfer (with no minimum thresholds) and there are no roaming charges when you’re working abroad, you’ll just get the real exchange rate with no hidden fees. You can make local payments, international payments, manage your budget and lock / unlock your debit card in real-time.

Monese is the easier way to manage your personal finances as a freelancer, try it free and see for yourself.