Easily split bills with Monese

Split the bills, not the friendship 🥑🥑

Melissa um June 14, 2022

Easily split bills with Monese

Like with anything we do, we like to make things easy and simple. So forget awkward restaurant bills and complicated maths. Now, you can send requests for splitting transactions with friends straight from your app!

How to split the bill with Monese

Bill Splitting (1)

Whether you need to split the bill for that weekend brunch, a bar tab, group trip or friend’s birthday gift, you can do so hassle-free in just a few quick steps in your app:

Step 1: Tap a transaction and then on ‘Split bill’

Step 2: Choose who to split with from your Monese contacts list

Step 3: Split the amount equally or adjust it per person

That’s it. You can add a personal note at the end if you like, and split your bill with up to 20 people! If someone needs a nudge, easily send them a payment reminder right from your app.

The friend you need to split with not on Monese? Invite them to join, and you could earn money when they sign up using your invite code thanks to our Invite and Earn referral scheme.

For more information on this latest feature, check out our FAQs. Let us know how you’re liking the feature and what sorts of things you’ve effortlessly split with friends! Share your thoughts on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or email us at community@monese.com.

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Easily split bills with Monese

Now, you can send requests for splitting transactions with friends straight from your app

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