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We’re building your financial future

Build your credit history and savings with the help of our Credit Builder for an improved credit score, better value loans and access to other Monese credit products for a secure, financial future.

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We’re fast

Enjoy on-the-spot accounts, instant top-ups and real-time spending notifications. Opening a mobile money account with us is quick and easy. And adding money? Even easier. We’ll get you up and running in no time.

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We're making global local

Open online money accounts in multiple currencies to spend abroad like a local. Transfer money for free when sending between Monese accounts, no matter the country or currency. Send and receive money through the UK Faster Payments network instantly, with no fees.

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We're simple

Manage your money by setting weekly or monthly budgets. Track your money visually and sort your transactions into spending categories. Receive your salary payments right into your digital money account by sharing your account details with your employer.

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Meet George

"What I love about Monese is that it was super easy to open an account. You just download the app, and within a few minutes, you’re all set. It’s brilliant! Also, the app is very simple to use."

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Meet George

"What I love about Monese is that it was super easy to open an account. You just download the app, and within a few minutes, you’re all set. It’s brilliant! Also, the app is very simple to use."

We're inclusive

We believe everyone should have access to financial services. That’s why we make opening an instant mobile money account as easy as we can.

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We're with you on the go

You’ll quickly find that we make a great travel companion on all your adventures. Use your card to withdraw anywhere in the world, with no fees or bad exchange rates for spending abroad. Spend and enjoy your money internationally with total peace of mind.

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We're helping send money abroad

Move money abroad to over 30 countries, with excellent international exchange rates. It's quick and can cost much less than sending with traditional banks. Rest assured that your money is safe with us, as security is at the heart of everything we do.

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We’re integrated

Link your Avios and PayPal accounts to keep track of your money, balance, points and transactions all in one place. Anytime there’s activity on any of your accounts, we’ll notify you. Start enjoying a more convenient and seamless experience today.

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We're multilingual

Talk to our multilingual Support team and use your app in 15 languages: English, French, German, Brazilian Portuguese, European Portuguese, Bulgarian, Italian, Spanish, Romanian, Polish, Czech, Turkish, Estonian, Lithuanian and Ukrainian.

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We’re contactless

Order a contactless Mastercard debit card to use anywhere in the world — online, in-store or at ATMs — with no hidden fees. Just search for the contactless symbol at any payment terminal to pay with a single tap of your card. Easy, quick and secure.

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Monese account FAQs

We aim to make managing your money as simple and accessible as possible. Find answers to common questions about mobile money accounts below. You can also check our FAQs or contact our friendly Support team.

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  • How is an online money account different to a bank account?

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  • Is a mobile money account safe?

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