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A mobile money account for your UK-registered company

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A place for your company’s money

If you have a UK-registered business, it’s easy to open a business account with Monese to keep your personal and company finances separate. Effortlessly manage and track your spending for both accounts in a single app.

    Two accounts — one smooth experience

    Manage both your personal and business accounts from one app. Easily switch between both accounts for a smoother experience. Track your spending and be notified of any activity for both accounts, all from your Monese app.

      Open your account in a few simple steps

      With just your ID, we’ll get you set up with a UK business mobile money account in no time. No extra documents, no phone calls and no long wait times.

      The only business card you’ll need

      Your contactless Mastercard debit card for business is the card you need on the go when shopping in-store or online and anywhere in the world. With generous allowances, use it to withdraw globally from any ATM for free or to pay with a tap at any contactless terminal worldwide. It’s easy, quick and secure.

      Move money like a local

      With your business account, you can quickly set up Direct Debits in the UK and make payments via the UK Faster Payments network for free. Spend, receive and send money fast in the local currency with no extra markup fees.

      Send money internationally

      Transferring money abroad with us is easy and secure — and often cheaper than when sending with a high street bank. Send to more than 30 countries. And any incoming international transfers to your business account are free!

      Bring Monese on your business trips

      No matter where you go in the world, Monese goes with you. Rest easy knowing that your money is always there and accessible to you no matter which or how many borders you cross.

        Create business invoices

        Need to get paid fast? Create invoices right in your app to easily send to clients, so you get paid for your services more quickly. Fill in the service details, and send the invoice to your customer right away. Or save as a draft and come back to it later!

          Top up your business account with cash

          Easily add funds to your business account with cash. Visit more than 40,000 PayPoint or Post Office locations across the UK to top up your account in a flash. You can also add money via bank transfer or between Monese accounts for free!

            Talk to us in your language

            We care about our customers and want you to feel as comfortable as possible. That’s why we offer support in 14 languages: English, French, German, Brazilian Portuguese, European Portuguese, Bulgarian, Italian, Spanish, Romanian, Polish, Czech, Turkish, Estonian and Lithuanian. You can even use your app in any of these languages!

              Your money is protected with us

              With our breakthrough technology and state-of-the-art security features like 3D secure, biometric login and backend encryption, you can have peace of mind that your money, personal data and account are safe with us.

                One simple fee

                For just £9.95 a month, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of a Monese Classic plan along with the advanced features of your GBP business account. Keep your business and personal finances separate as you’ll get different prepaid Mastercard debit cards for each account.