Instant foreign currency accounts for foreign nationals

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I have been using Monese for the past one year plus and has never had any issues with them. I will recommend it to anyone over and over again. Keep the good work, Monese team

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2 years with Monese

2 years with Monese in italy so happy with the service ❤️❤️ thanks

Hugo Ausejo Campana on Instagram

This is an excellent service

This is an excellent service. Been with them for 15 months now. Never had a problem. Security is super tight and real time notifications arrive inside 1 second.

Sadat S on Trustpilot

Best thing I ever done

Best thing I ever done. So easy to set up and so easy to use. Completely stress free. Thank you so much I love my new account. Highly recommended

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Expat mobile money accounts

Moving countries can be a daunting task, even for the most experienced of expats. Whether it’s for work or pleasure, there’s plenty to think about when you relocate. There’s your visa application, work permits, tax number, travel, accommodation, registering for healthcare and more.

But perhaps the most important thing to work out is where you’ll keep your money in your new homeland. That’s where our instant foreign currency accounts can help.

UNI The expat experience

Personal money accounts for migrants and freelancers

As more and more foreign workers adopt a “digital nomad” lifestyle, traditional banks and their minimum deposit thresholds are becoming less and less attractive. Freelance work is flexible and some months may be slower or busier than others.

Payments may not always come consistently on a set date of the month as banks may prefer. Some banks will freeze incoming payments or threaten to close accounts of self-employed workers who don’t regularly deposit enough. Our borderless accounts can provide the answer.

UNI Personal account for freelancers

The Monese difference

Our instant expat mobile money accounts are a fantastic alternative to traditional banks for people on the move. They’re designed to fit flexible lifestyles like freelancers working at different companies, adventure-seekers travelling the world or foreign nationals working remotely.

UNI Card > spend in style

Foreign currency accounts on the go

You can manage your expat money account on your phone. This means your money is always accessible, no matter where you are in the world or where you’re headed next! Count on the real exchange rate when you spend or withdraw abroad with no hidden fees. When you travel, spend, send and receive money like a true local!

Make both local or international payments without any extra fees or markups. Finally, rest easy knowing that if you ever lose your card while abroad or on a travel adventure, your money and account will stay safe. Quickly lock your card with your app for extra protection and security.

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Stay on top of your money

Easily add money to your account in a variety of ways (choose the method best for you). You can also set a weekly or monthly budget to help you keep track of your money and see exactly where your funds are going with real-time notifications.

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Meet Ion

“From the moment I got my Monese card, doors opened for me in London. This card and account allow me to make payments in this country, transfer money to my home country and even gave me the chance to work”.

Ion-Cut-Out (larger)

Meet Ion

“From the moment I got my Monese card, doors opened for me in London. This card and account allow me to make payments in this country, transfer money to my home country and even gave me the chance to work”.

Foreign currency account FAQs

Want more information about our borderless accounts? We answer some of the most common questions right here. You can also check out our other FAQs or get in touch with a member of our friendly Support team if you need any more help.

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