All your Monese accounts in one app

Manage your money from the palm of your hand

It’s your personal mobile money account

Open your Monese account for an instant money management app. Start sending and spending like a local in minutes.

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It’s where you can start saving

Save money faster with Monese pots!


It’s your joint account

Open a joint account to save, spend and share with a friend, partner or family member. Share bills and other expenses while keeping an eye on your transactions together.

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It's your Avios

Easily link your Avios account to your Monese app to see everything you’ve collected. Plus, get tips to become better at collecting Avios when you shop.

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It's your PayPal

You can also link your PayPal account – and for even faster payments, you can add your Monese cards to your PayPal wallet instantly.

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Rendered - Trio - Classic

Open your Monese account today

Download the app and get started with opening your Monese account today. Manage your money on the go and spend, withdraw and transfer with perfect ease.

Monese account FAQs

Want to know more about the types of accounts we offer? Look no further!We answer some of the most common questions right here. For further information, why not take a look at our wider FAQ section or get in touch with a member of our Support team.

  • Who can open a Monese account?

  • What can I use my account for?

  • What do I need to open an account?

  • How is a Monese account different from a regular bank account?

  • Does my account come with a card?

  • Are there fees involved with Monese accounts?

  • Why should I choose Monese?