Open a Monese joint account online

The easiest way to spend, share and save together. A mobile joint account available all over Europe.

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Manage the money you share

Easily spend, set aside or share bills and other expenses with a housemate, partner or friend – virtually anyone who you know and trust! Make joint spending easy by adding money while keeping your personal Monese accounts separate. You can only have one joint account, so pick your person wisely!

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One account — two Monese cards

Order a rose gold contactless Mastercard debit card each to shop, spend and use separately. Its shiny design will help you tell it apart from your personal Monese card. Use it in-store, online or at ATMs worldwide, and link it to Apple Pay or Google Pay for secure contactless payments.

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Open a joint account online fast

Once you have a Monese personal account, it’s easy to invite someone to open a digital joint account with you. No new checks or applications – just send an invite from your Monese app. Not with Monese? You can open a personal Monese account in minutes if you live in any of the 30 countries in the European Economic Area or the UK.

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Work towards your money goals

Control your shared money with budgeting tools and transaction alerts. Plus, with up to 10 pots for joint accounts, you can easily put money away for that dream vacation, home expenses or any other goals you have together. Automatically round up payments and send spare money to your pot.

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Make payments fast and easy

Send and receive local and international transfers from your joint account through the Monese app. Need to top up? Move money between your Monese accounts instantly.

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Stay safe together

Get instant notifications when there’s activity on your mobile joint account, making it easier to keep an eye on your transactions together. Login securely using Face ID, Touch ID or Fingerprint Scanner. Lock and unlock your cards in the app to keep your shared money safe.

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Joint account FAQs

Find answers to common questions about our mobile joint account below. You can check our other FAQs for more information about using Monese or speak to our multilingual Support team.

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