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Reach your money goals faster with Monese pots and Raisin

Put money aside

We make it easy to set money aside for that special something, somewhere or someone. Whether it’s for your next holiday, big purchase or a gift, we’ve made it simple with our money pots.

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Set aside straight from your phone

With just a few taps, our money pots can be set up in a matter of minutes directly from your phone.

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Set up several pots

Set money aside in a pot, keeping it separate from your day-to-day spending. Create up to 10 pots and name each one after your goal.

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Stop struggling to store money away

Set up Recurring Payments or round up your transactions to send the difference to your pots. Multiply your spare change by up to 10 to help you build your money reserve even faster!

EN Pots > Save 10 times more money

Earn interest

We partnered with Raisin to help you grow your money quicker. Available on the Monese Hub, Raisin offers you a range of amazing savings products where you can earn interest.

UNI Pots > Earn interest with Raisin

Join the Monese community today

Join over 2 million people worldwide who are saving and managing their money with Monese pots. You can use our app in 14 different languages and our friendly Support team are multilingual too! Our pots are just one of the reasons why our customers love us.

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Great app!

Really creative app, good job with the saving pots. I save every time I spend. Great way to cut down spendings.

Cletus on Trustpilot

Greatest App Ever

Fast, fuss-free, super convenient. Amazing.

Akitalasy on Apple Store

Intuitive app & great customer service.

Excellent customer service and a well thought out easy to use app.

Rikki on Smart Money People

Reliable and effective

I have tried a number of different accounts and cards but Monese stands out for reliability and security. The features of the services are really good and everything runs smoothly.

John D on Trustpilot

Monese pots FAQs

Got a question about our money pots? Check our answers to common questions below. We have more FAQs and a multilingual Support team too, if you need any extra help.

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  • Do you offer savings with interest?

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  • Can you personalise your pots?

  • Can you set up pots with someone else?

  • What are the benefits of having a pot?