All the ways to add money to your Monese account

Top up easily, quickly and securely

Autor: Melissa, November 5, 2020

All the ways to add money to your Monese account

Whenever your balance is running low, there are many ways you can add money to your Monese account in just a matter of taps. Whether you’re topping up your GBP, EUR or RON account, you can always choose the most convenient way to add money straight from your phone. In this blog post, we’ll explore all the ways you can add money to your different currency accounts. You can also head to the ‘Add money’ screen found on your app's home screen to see all your options and get started.

Instant top-up

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If you’re strapped for cash, there are a few ways to add money to your Monese account instantly. One of the easiest ways is to top up using another personal debit card you’ve got. Debit card top-ups are free, and your balance should be updated right away.

Request a payment

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To receive money instantly, you can also request money from other Monese customers for free. You can also find friends near you via Bluetooth — once found, tap on your friend and request your money. No need to enter any extra details!

Move money between your accounts

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You can also conveniently move money between your different Monese currency accounts. Monese to Monese transfers are always instant and free, no matter the currency. This means you can move money between different currency accounts hassle-free, without additional fees.

Bank transfers

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You can, of course, add money to your Monese account by bank transfer!

For local transfers, you can use your GBP account to instantly receive pounds from other UK accounts via UK Faster Payments; or you can use your RON account to receive local payments from other accounts in Romania (these usually take up to one working day).

If you’re adding euros to your EUR account via bank transfer, you can do so via a SEPA payment. These usually clear within one working day (but can sometimes take up to 3 working days). You can also top up your EUR account with Sofort (in some countries).

If you need to receive money from outside the UK or EEA, you can do so using a dedicated Monese account number. Just remember that this account can only receive GBP, EUR or RON, and the sender will need to add your Monese ID in the reference field.

Add with cash

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You can top up your account with cash at over 40,000 Post Office and PayPoint locations in the UK. Just head to any Post Office branch or any convenience store or off-license that displays the PayPoint logo. Cash top-ups at the Post Office will arrive in your account the next day, while cash top-ups at PayPoint are usually instantly available in your account.

We’ve also partnered with Paysafecash, so you can add cash to your EUR account at tens of thousands of locations across Europe. We’ll soon be extending the service to more countries so stay tuned!

Receive your salary

Monese salary

With our app, we make it easy to receive your salary right in your Monese account. You can easily copy and share your account details with your employer straight from your phone by heading to the ‘Account details’ screen and tapping the ‘Share’ button. You’ll be able to share the details right away or even export a PDF of your account details to send over any messaging app.

If you have any more questions about ways to top up your Monese account, visit our FAQs for more info.

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