Your January monthly update

Your convenient guide to the latest features and services we’ve launched this month

by Kristina on 30 January 2020
Your January monthly update

For many of us, time slows down this month, making January seem like the longest month of the year. But January is also a month with a lot of potential. It’s a period to reflect, reorganise and plan for a fresh start. Taking on this mindset, we’ve been working on releasing entirely new features over the past month, plus polishing existing ones to help you kick off 2020 in high spirits.

Here’s a summary of all the things we’ve released this January...

Better pots

This month we’ve added some useful features to Monese pots, that will make putting aside money even easier. To help you reach all your different savings goals even faster, you can now create up to 10 different pots for each of your currency accounts and create a specific goal for each pot. You’ll also be able to set up automatic weekly or monthly transfers from your account directly into your pot. If you need a little help setting aside money, our new round-up feature is here to help! Each time you pay with your Monese card, we’ll round up the value of the purchase to the nearest whole amount and automatically transfer the spare change to a designated pot.

Tailored home insurance with Luko

If you live in France, you can now benefit from Luko, which offers simple, transparent and tailored online home insurance. With Luko, you can sign up and get insurance coverage in two minutes, get paid for a claim in two hours and have damages repaired in just two days! Monese Premium customers can benefit from two months of free home insurance, while our Classic and Simple customers get one month. You can sign up via the Monese Hub on the app, and you'll be redirected to the Luko website to complete your subscription.

Speed up your commute across London’s TfL network

With Apple Pay on your phone, you can now speed up your commute on London Underground trains and buses: no need to open an app, wake your device or use Face ID or Touch ID. Simply hold your iPhone or Apple Watch over the yellow card readers on TfL and go! Express Mode for Apple Pay is available for personal GBP and EUR Monese cards and works across all TfL services, including the Underground, buses and trams. Learn how to enable Express Mode on your iPhone or Apple Watch here.

And finally...

We've squashed 75 bugs along with other fixes and improvements this month. You can now:

  • easily add your card to Google Pay right from your Monese Android app
  • add your virtual cards to Google Pay
  • create a virtual card as soon as you've verified your address
  • navigate through your contacts more easily whenever you need to send or request money
  • get tips on the best ways to collect Avios when you shop.

Remember: we’re always looking for ways to improve your experience. So we’d love to hear your thoughts on how the Monese app is working for you and what extra features you’d like to see in 2020.

If anything springs to mind, you can always reach out to us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or by email at community@monese.com.

Stay tuned for next month’s feature update!

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Kristina Content & Community Manager
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