Quick, easy business finance with iwoca

Monese Business customers now have access to business credit with our partner iwoca

By Marina on November 12, 2019

Quick, easy business finance with iwoca

We’ve created Monese Business for globally-minded entrepreneurs. To power up our no-fuss and hassle-free business accounts, we’re proud to announce our new partnership with iwoca - the award winning digital lending platform that allows small business owners to apply for flexible loans.

Get the tools to grow your business

With Monese Business accounts, you can manage your business and personal finances seamlessly. To make this experience even better, we also want to provide the right tools for you to keep control over your finances, and manage your cash flow or support your investments.

With the help of iwoca, eligible Monese customers can now get access to the cash needed to grow their business even more – with loans of up to £15,000 and a decision in minutes.

How does it work?

Applying for a loan is easy and you can do it straight from your Monese app. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A Monese business account
  • An annual turnover of more than £10,000
  • A business that’s been registered for more than three months

All you have to do is fire up the Monese app, select your Business account, tap on “More” at the bottom of the screen and then “Business Loans”.

Then, just follow the step-by-step guide to complete the application with iwoca. If approved, you’ll receive the money in your Monese account – and you can check your loan details at any point, from your app.

We’ve got a lot of exciting features in the pipeline on the business accounts front. If you aren’t a customer (yet!) but you have a UK-registered business, you can open a Monese business account in minutes and get access to a business and a personal account, all in one place. You can learn more here.

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