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Introducing another easy and secure way to pay — all from your phone!

By Melissa on December 16, 2019

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We’re happy to announce that you can now create a virtual card for your Monese account! With just a few taps on your phone, you’ll be able to set up and start using your Monese virtual card right away for a simple and safe payment process directly from your mobile.

What’s a virtual card?

Virtual cards are another tool to make managing your money safer and easier. Just like a regular card, a virtual card has a unique 16-digit number (different from your physical debit card). A virtual card has almost the same functionalities a real card would. You can:

  • use it to make payments online
  • shop in-store via Apple Pay or Google Pay
  • get instant notifications when you make a transaction
  • easily lock and unlock it at any time straight from the app

Why use a virtual card?

Add virtual card to Google Pay

A virtual card provides a fantastic alternative for a simple, safer, and faster transaction online. Because your virtual card number is different than the one on your physical card, it offers an extra layer of security when shopping on the web. You can lock it immediately after each use to prevent any further transactions and unlock it again whenever you need it next. Having access to your card details in full right on your phone also means you can check out online at any time without having to go and grab your wallet.

Additionally, you can link your virtual card to Apple Pay and Google Pay – this means you can also use your virtual card wherever contactless payments are accepted. Virtual cards can also be linked instantly to your PayPal account.

How to set up a virtual card

Virtual card set up

Setting up your virtual card is simple. You can do it in just a couple of steps, directly on the Monese app:

Step 1: Open your Monese app and head to the ‘Card’ tab where you should see your Monese debit card.

Step 2: Swipe left to the ‘virtual card’ option to create your card.

It’s that easy! Once your virtual card is set up, you will also be able to quickly add it to Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Every Monese customer can set up one virtual card per currency account. You don't even need to have a physical card to get going - you can set up your virtual card as soon as you sign up to Monese and start spending with it straight away!

We’re constantly working to bring you more tools and features to help you manage your money more simply. Make sure you have the latest version of the Monese app installed for access to our newest releases and updates.

If you have any ideas or suggestions to improve our app, we’d love to hear them. Let us know via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or email us at community@monese.com!

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