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Get out your headphones and tune into these finance shows

By Melissa on August 2, 2020

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Podcasts are certainly all the rage, and if you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon, now is the time. There’s an endless amount of content in the podcast world to help you better understand money and financially plan for your future, retirement, buying your first home, starting a business and tons more. To help get your feet wet, we’ve rounded up a list of some of the best shows out there so you can start listening today.

It’s Your Money

Financial podcasts don’t have to be dull, and nothing proves this more than the Telegraph’s It’s Your Money podcast. If you’re new to the podcast world, this 30-minute show is surely the right one to start with. Hosted by Investment Editor Laura Suter, it covers subjects such as consumer rights, money scams and more in a light and simple way.

FT Money Show

Have a hard time understanding financial markets and how major economic events affect you on a personal scale? Then this podcast from the Financial Times is for you. Get the latest information from personal finance editor Claer Barrett and FT journalists. Listen to top industry insiders breakdown current financial events and what the impact will be for everyday people.

The Disruptive Entrepreneur

If you’re an entrepreneur, small business owner or dream of becoming one, tune into this weekly podcast hosted by businessman Rob Moore for inspiration. You’ll hear guest interviews from the worlds of sports, entertainment, business, literature, culture and more. Moore is also the host of another podcast called The Money Podcast, where he tackles personal finances and how to manage money.

Cash Chats

Learn from personal finance expert Andy Webb as he chats with bloggers, writers and other financial experts to help listeners learn how to make, save and manage their funds. From topics like automating your finances, how to save on your mortgage and dealing with debt, this is certainly one easy-listening podcast you’ll learn plenty from.

Money Observer

For investors or those interested in learning more about investing, tune into Money Observer’s podcasts. It covers topics like funds, investment trusts, shares, pensions and more. You’ll definitely want to take notes as you’ll gain great insight and analysis in order to make the right money moves on every occasion.

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Happy listening!

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